A list of free, low-cost, and/or otherwise useful software for students.

Content Creation

  • Affinity Designer ($50) – A superior Adobe Illustrator clone.
  • Affinity Photo ($50) – A superior Adobe Photoshop clone.
  • DaVinci Resolve (Free) – A powerful video editor.
  • Audacity (Free) – An audio editor.
  • Lightworks (Free) – A video editor used in numerous Hollywood films.
  • GIMP (Free) – Another Photoshop clone.
  • Krita (Free) – A professional painting program made by artists for artists.
  • Pinta (Free) – A simple paint program similar to
  • Blender (Free) – A professional industry-grade 3D video editor.
  • (Free) – Removes backgrounds from images.


  • LibreOffice (Free) – An MS Office clone.
  • Vivaldi (Free) – A highly customizable version of the Chrome browser.
  • LastPass (Free) – A password manager requiring you to only know one extremely good password. “One Ring To Rule Them All”.
  • Advanced SystemCare (Free) – Cleans and maintains your PC.
  • Avast/Avira Antivirus (Free) – Prevent and remove malware and viruses instead of using the Norton/McAfee bloatware that came with your PC.


  • 7-Zip (Free) – A file compressor/archiver.
  • Ninite (Free) – A software installer/updater.
  • Google Backup & Sync (Free) – Backup and sync your PC to your Google Drive.