[B-W2.1] The PSE Interface

Welcome to Photoshop Basics. This is a hands-on examination of Photoshop Elements, the consumer version of Photoshop.

The primary difference between Elements and the normal business versions is the pricetag. Photoshop Elements can be purchased online for under $100. The current business version of Photoshop is now a subscription plan (“Creative Cloud”) that costs $600 per year. Students can obtain nearly all of Adobe’s apps for approximately $20 per month whereas non-students would pay $50 per month.

A growing number of content creators are leaving Adobe in droves, however, due to rival Serif’s Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer which offer 100% compatibility, are easier to use, and only cost a one time fee of $50 per app.

Open up your browser to the Creative Commons, find an image to work with, download it, and launch Photoshop Elements from your desktop.

There are 5 major sections of the Photoshop interface: The Options Bar, The Tools Bar, The Panels Bar, the Canvas Workspace, and the Project Bin.

Photoshop Interface

Follow along with your instructor to learn the interface and how to use the available tools.

Common Image Formats