[102 W4] Finalizing Your Portfolio Website


This is it, students. Your final week in Block C. By Thursday, you must have completed ALL of your assignments for this block including:

  • WordPress Site Setup and Theme.
  • Home, About, and Contact Pages.
  • Posts with text paragraphs, hyperlinks, images, embedded soundcloud, and embedded YouTube.
  • Social Media Links/Widgets.
  • Post Tags (Categories Optional)
  • RSS Feed Widget
  • LinkedIn Badge Widget on About Page
  • Your Resume (Optional For Now)
  • And last, but not least, your Portfolio Page.

Your site will be reviewed and graded in class on Thursday.

Wait, What Portfolio Page?

Set up a page called Portfolio or a variation thereof. Here you will add your demos from this and previous courses.

LinkedIn Badge Widget


  • Download the image above
  • Upload it to your Media Library in WordPress
  • Copy the permanent image URL you are given when you uploaded it (same page as the Alt Tag, Caption, etc. at the top) and paste it into Notepad or an equivalent text editor.
  • Log in to LinkedIn, click on “Me” at the top right, click “View Profile”, look for “Contact & Personal Info” in the right sidebar, click “Show More”, copy the “Your Profile” URL to Notepad on another line.
  • In WordPress, go to Appearance, Choose Widgets, Select the Text Widget, add the following code: <a href=”[LINKEDIN_URL]”><img src=”[BADGE_PIC_URL]”></a>, replace the flat brackets and their contents with the proper URLs and save the widget. View your homepage sidebar. Success!

Your Résumé

You should add your resume to your About Page. You can do it as a PDF, JPG, or get creative and use something like Vizualize.me, VisualCV, or SlideShare to present your resume just like Ben Wong did below (he got hired btw):

Visual Resume – Ben Wong from Ben Wong (黄煜俊)